All written contact with the Parish Council Members should be via The Clerk to the Parish Council. See below.

Chairperson, Caroline Hainsworth - Gunby & Stainby

Vice Chairperson,  Ellis O'Neill - Colsterworth

Graham Henton - Colsterworth

Colin Russell - Colsterworth

Anna Bouvie - Colsterworth

Jon Clark - North Witham

Lorna McShane - Colsterworth

Lucienne Bennett - Colsterworth

Roy Brocklebank - North Witham

Ken Vickers - Colsterworth

Ian Johnson - Colsterworth

Terry Neale - Colsterworth

Vacancy - Shannon Walker

Vacancy - Colsterworth

Vacancy - Gunby & Stainby

Clerk to the Parish Council, Sue Grant

Tel: 01476 861888

South Kesteven District Councillor David Bellamy

South Kesteven District Councillor Ben Green

Lincolnshire County Councillor Charlotte Vernon