Members of the Parish Council and Contact Details

All written contact with the Parish Council Members should be via The Clerk to the Parish Council. See below.

Chairperson, Caroline Hainsworth - Colsterworth

Vice Chairperson,  Ellis O'Neill - Colsterworth

Graham Henton - Colsterworth

Colin Russell - Colsterworth

Anna Bouvie - Colsterworth

Jon Clark - North Witham

Lorna McShane - Colsterworth

Mike Childs - Colsterworth

Dave Bellamy - North Witham

Ken Vickers - Colsterworth

Vancnt - Colsterworth

Christopher Rowland - Colsterworth

Vacant - Colsterworth

Rebecca Chatterton - Gunby & Stainby

Vacancy - Gunby & Stainby

Clerk to the Parish Council, Sue Grant


Tel: 01476 861888

South Kesteven District Councillor David Bellamy

South Kesteven District Councillor Ben Green

Lincolnshire County Councillor Charlotte Vernon

List of members Interests can be viewed on the following link to the SKDC Website Parish council - Colsterworth and District Parish Council | South Kesteven District Council